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Adidas sneaker customization

Posted by LCS

Turn your old Adidas shoes into new Adidas shoes.  A little bit of fabric paint can give your shoes a new lease on life. Mimi gave these old sneakers a make-over using some dylon fabric paint, permanent markers, white shoe laces and some old es footwear insoles.



Jables said...

That's really creative + good handiwork!

Hamster said...

which part of the shoe exactly did you use fabric paint/permanent marker on?

Faizal said...

what do i use for suade? fabric paint too?

LCS said...

Dylon make all sorts of dye's and fabric paints. Just look around on their website linked in the post.

Blue and red stripes were achieved with a fabric paint pen and a permanent marker.

linus said...

dude can i buy those shoes?

Anonymous said...

damn... es insole son dgk day and nite cut it like cudi dawg.

tike mik said...

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