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One North Park @ Buona Vista

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One North Park @ Buona Vista is not your usual skate spot with concrete in marble features. It is however, a great spot to spice up your regular street footage with some originality. 

One of the only wooden wallrides in Singapore.

Weird looking architecture is always good to skate. Though getting speed can be quite difficult, some stall tricks look pretty wicked on this.

Definitely a spot to be creative with your skating, be it on a wallride or stair trick.

Spot is located at the foot of a hill creating possibility for some flat lines before reaching the stairs.

Directions to One North Park @ Buona Vista

One North Park @ Buona Vista Spot is located 2 minutes away (skating downhill) from Buona Vista MRT.

Remember to be respectful of local residents and by-passers. They always have the right of way. Have fun!


Anonymous said...

cool sk8spot not really for beginner but still nice

azhari said...


Severin said...

Just go up the little hill, there you can find a skate wonderland. A lot of stairs, handrails and some nice banks!!!
maybe I can take some photos this weekend ...

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