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Holland Village Marble Heaven

Posted by Anonymous

I actually found this spot accidentally a couple of years back while cruising around with some homies. It's located a mere 5 minutes walk from Holland Village, and is cunningly hidden behind some HDBs.

As it is located in a residential area people usually start complaining about the noise after about 10 minutes so I recommend hitting this spot earlier in the day when most of the residents are at work.

Whole spot rotates in a circle, allowing lines to be performed. Ledges vary in height and length.

A mini 2 stair drop for beginners.

Ledges are curved slightly, but not too much, making them perfect for intermediate and advanced skaters.

Unique feature: a slight drop which allows easier transition between different grinds and definitely allows for some technical tricks to be performed.

The ledges are magnificent, with virtually no cracks, dents, or defects (like skate stoppers). They slide and grind unbelievable well but waxing is recommended to help reduce friction while grinding and sliding. I think wax helps reduce damage and prolongs the life of a curb.

A slight downhill ends with a 5 set, which brings you into Marble Heaven. A good place to start off a line. Please skate cautiously, and respect the residents. Try not to stay for too long and move to a different spot to avoid being five-o ed. Don't slam into your grinds so we can preserve the crisp ledges and prolong their grinding life for years to come.

This is the easiest way to get there is to find this handrail, then skate down the slope as marked in the picture above.


LCS said...

Nice post Rose!

singapore number 1 said...

DAMN, that looks sweet, theyre perfectly curved to! and marble <3

jay said...

Thank you for posting this! Really greatful,awesome spot. Yet i feel you shouldn't have posted it. Call me selfish and all,but inconsiderate skaters exist here and they will come and screw this place up to the extent that the police will be notified,and they will contact the town councils and skate stoppers will be put up. Sometimes the best part of street skating is finding spots yourself

Rose Budd said...

Jay, i couldnt agree with you more. lets hope this spot lasts for as long as possible

ryan said...


Anonymous said...

we just went there but we got scolded from the residents around

Anonymous said...

cool, there are big gaps around this area too! i stay there. But aint good enough for the stairs n gaps =/ wasted!

Anonymous said...

HDB blocks: great for warming up. But 10 mIns max. Learnt that the hard way kena screened by the rozzers...twice
However I like that warm feeling that I'm annoying the residents above:P

Bed Bugg said...


Anonymous said...

AHAHHAHA its awesome cos I live right above it

Anonymous said...

Is it still there?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, is it still there?

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