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The Adventures of Felix in the U.S.A

Posted by felix_mcauliffe

What's up peoples I travelled to L.A this winter break and checked out some awesome skateparks and ate some FatAss McDonalds Meals!

The biggest and best skate park I visited was Ken Wormhoudt. Check out the pics below. It sucked that I had to wear pads and cops patrol the park and give out tickets if you don't wear safety gear. 

More neighborhood skateparks in Singapore need to look like this. None of that skatewave and modular ramp bullshit. Cement, steal, good transitions, and lots of curbs and street!

So, ummm... who wants to try?

Another dope skatepark I checked out was Skatelab, I had seen this park in videos on The Berrics, Donavan's Butteryass Mondays had a few episodes here. The park is actually a lot bigger than it seems in the videos and they have a huge store.

Most of these guys at the skate park were noobs, well every one apart from me obviously!

This is were the non-noobs skate (where I skate) I did all that sh!t like first try!

Me eating up a rail i found at santa cruz!

Some crazy super charged guy on 10 cans of Redbull breaking the sound barrier. Shot at Venice Beach.. Which was just crazy.. so many weird people gather here.

L.A was a lot of fun and very different to skateboarding in Singapore, everything is a lot cheaper there! (apart from FatAss meals at your local McyD) The skaters there were pretty cool to talk to at least the young ones. I dont know about the older people because they looked too hard core to talk to!

Just want to say thank you to Lion City Skaters for letting me post this up and share photos of my trip with everyone. Peace! Felix.


Anonymous said...

aww dude you shouldnt call them skaters noobs! from my point of view they're all skaters, part of one awesome brotherhood of skaters haha.

anyway it's awesome that you got to go to L.A. hopefully i can go there someday.

Anonymous said...

i want to travel this summer.. bdslide was sick!

insect said...

lol felix

felix_mcauliffe said...

thanks ;)

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