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Lion City Skaters Interviewed

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Here is a short interview Fakie did with Lion City Skaters.

Why Lion City Skaters?
Well it was either Lion City Skaters or Durian skaters.
We started LCS ( to provide information on skate parks and skate shops in Singapore.

How did Lion City Skaters get started?
We purchased stock in the internet and the google.

What made you run a site about Extreme Sports?
There aren’t enough sites that report on extreme sports in Singapore. We are just trying to play our part in promoting skateboarding.

How do you find Extreme Sports in Singapore?
It’s getting better, more participants, more shops, and most importantly more skate parks. With the completion of Xtreme skatepark at East Coast we need to ensure that regular events and contests are held.

Does Extreme Sports in Singapore have enough publicity and sponsorship? Why?
You can never have enough publicity. As more companies see the revenues associated with extreme sports we will see an increase in events and sponsorship.

Name some local talent that have made an impact in Extreme Sports.
Love skatepark, Terrorkota, Kwailoh, Ryiot, Homestar, Fakie, PS-SG, are all groups of real skateboarders keeping the core scene alive and well.

Do you think our local talent can go far in these sports?
Not right now, no. When multinational companies start to invest themselves more in the local community and when we organize ourselves through the proper channels recognized by the Singapore sports council will local talent be able to go far.

Inline, BMX or Skateboarding?
Yes to all 3.

Any motivational words for the youth out there who pick up Extreme Sports as a hobby?
Hurry up and start!

Your shout out.
Get Busy. And be sure to check out for your daily dose of local skateboarding news.


Tastyasscheeken said...

I love you guys, but your yes to all three pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

i laughed when i read your stock options. thx for making my day!

Gaute Johansen said...

you forgot BALLS LOOSE they are doing most of the stuff going down. :D

patrickthatsme said...

you mean yes to all 4 scooters are extreme sports too!

Dan Gilbert said...

Keep spreading the passion for skateboarding to kids even to girls! There are a lot of good Asian skaters that do amazing stuff but not enough exposure! Share some local skate footage!

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