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Concrete Drama by Stepa

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Ever wonder what skateboarding in Jakarta is like? Well, wonder no more check out Concrete Drama. Shot around mid 2008-2009 Concrete Drama features some of Jakarta's top skaters hitting the streets hard. The video is produced by Stepa, a small skate-wear company that operates a skateboarding / sneaker store in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Produced by Stepa
Directed and Edited by Bima Girindra

Stepa skateboarding / sneaker store sells Nike SB,  Adidas, Supra, Lakai, New Balance and skateboarding hardware brands. They also have their own STEPA brand line of clothing.

Store Address:
Panglima Polim I (near Ora Et Labora school)
No. 67b/c.
Jakarta, Indonesia


Anonymous said...

I ever sk8 in Indonesia and the sk8trs there are the most humble being especially when they have reach their level of sk8ting..not much of bitching and they dedicate themselves to their in Singapore its sad to say that sk8trs here asking too much and not APRECIATE wat they dedication to their sponsors and never promote their local brands for their sponsors and complaining too much..In Indo its all DIY shut up & sk8 for better living..tats wat they want to make Sk8boarding a better future for Indonesia..Viva la Indo..

Anon said...

this video was realllllllllly good. i mean realllly good.

to Anonymous- it sounds like you don't think very highly of Singaporean skateboarders lol.

I agree that Indo skaters appear to be more motivated to film and do stuff with skating like setting up their own brands.

But Indo is much bigger market, more people more money, so more sponsors, got quiksilver,Converse, billabong, Volcom, Oakley so many big brand that skaters can get sponsored by.

In Singapore it's harder to get sponsored by these big brands cause our market so small. And Singapore companies here really suck, they don't even want to sponsor us a few t-shirt or shoes. It's a joke.

But back to the point - i loved this video . Looks like they put a lot of effort. I think i saw 5 filmers? and filmed for almost a year.. that's dedication and team work.

TheBadger of ASIA

WDFL said...

all of the skaters is my fav. viva la skateboarding. viva la local brand..!!
keep up the good work !!

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