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Sewa Kroetkov

Posted by Rose Budd

If you like style, technical skating and general overall dopeness, check out ma boy Sewa Kroetkov. Like me he is from Europe and although he was knocked out from Battle of the Berrics 4 recently I am still pulling for Europe to win.

Sewa Kroetkov (Holland)
Sponsors: Blind, DC shoes, LRG, Rollin Skate Shop, Haze Wheels
Hometown: Alkmaar Netherlands Stance: Goofy Status: Am
Absolutely, amazing right!! "If you don't know, now you know." - Biggie


Anonymous said...

hardflip back nose grinds.... nice skating not too over the the top tech.. just nice. so sick. so sick

Anonymous said...

now this guy can skate. Not like tghe shit jart team or other lame european skaters.


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