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Eric Fletcher: most underated skater

Posted by LCS

This kid is such an amazing skater. He is sponsored by Etnies, Thunder Trucks and Quiksilver. He should be turning pro shortly.


sk8rat said...

Sk8rat Likes...

Arthur said...

damn he is good, and Sk8rat, and don't if you actually are that person, and if you are, thanks for uploading all those videos man, i subscribed. If you aren't him, there is this guy on youtube called sk8rat who uploads videos, check em' out!

sk8rat said...

No, that's not me lol. But I have seen sk8rat's videos too. sick yea

TuneJuice said...

"move that shit bitch" lolll
really good song choice.

His kickflip down the steps in this vid is super tweaked

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