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Terrorkota Open House

Posted by LCS

Terrorkota is holding a space-warming event at their new store.  The Terrorkota store is located at 182b Telok Ayer Street and it's definitely worth while checking out. They have done the place up really nice and I am sure the party will be a lot of fun. See you guys there!

Terrorkota Official Store Space-Warming
182b Telok Ayer Street
30th April 2010



Arthur said...

Yeah Terrorkota!

Wong said...

Do they only sell Terrorkota products?

LCS said...

Hey Wong, they currently only sell their own line of clothing and accessories. They do have plans to bring in other brands in the near future.

alfster said...

yeah cons ftw! Its actually pretty good if anyone has tried it yet? Only problem for me was that the stiching of the shoe isnt that good, but the suede is amazing & good board feel!

Anonymous said...

this shop already moved to clarke quay = search in the search box for new address

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