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Skater Profile: Chihirock

Posted by hiromi

Hey guys, Hiromi here. This is my first post for LCS. Remember if anyone else wants to join the writing team send your e-mails to

Since the post about me being featured on a Japanese girl skater's blog, it looks like many guys are visiting her site. But as the blog is written entirely in Japanese, you guys are probably having difficulty. So let me introduce Chihirock.

Photography by TOMY

She is a Japanese girl skater that lives in Tokyo (yes! the same city I'm from). She started skateboarding quite late, in her mid-twenty's and is now sponsored by Enjoi, Gravis and her local skateshop Instants. Doesn't this show us that it's never too late to start skateboarding, especially for us girls! And yes girls can even get sponsored!

Chihircok enjoys travelling around the world with her skateboard and has been to many places like Korea, Taiwan, Guam, Los Angeles, and New York for the sole reason of going somewhere new to skateboard!! Isn't she adventurous! Anyway, she has just informed me that she now has plans to visit singapore, so maybe you guys will have a chance to see her soon!

Be sure to check as she updates her site often! It's a site of girl skaters, for girl skaters, by a girl skater ;)  Girl power!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice post Hiromi.
It's always nice to learn about skaters in other parts of the world. Especially Japan, they have some really pro-skaters over there..

Anonymous said...

i wish there were more girl skaters in singapore. they seem to come and go.. just like my tailslides.. one day they are here.. the next, they are gone..

Anonymous said...

If people like her get sponsored by major companies such as Enjoi, is she like on Am team or like what kind of team is she on? Could anyone let me know, coz I see SG skaters being sponsored by other such major companies, what team would they be on?

Glen said...

Sponsorship can work in many ways:

1. Direct from major company, for example DVS sponsors a rider and gives him/her free shoes.

He may or may not be on the am/pro team but he can still get his shoes and he is still sponsored by DVS. But we call this "FLOW" (i think)?

2. Sponsorship through a skateshop. Certain skate shops might decide to single out one brand, maybe venture trucks and sponsor the rider only with this brand. The USA brand owner/company (venture) may or may not know about this skater being sponsored.

In Chihirock's case, as the hyperlinks for enjoi redirect to a skateshop or distributor in Japan I think she is not directly sponsored from these USA companies but on flow by a skateshop/distributor.

However, her gravis sponsorship might be direct through gravis japan, as the link redirects to the USA gravis homepage.

In singapore, it's much harder to get sponsored by big companies because there aren't many here. And the ones that are here are more interested in sales rather than supporting the local community. pfft.

And next time leave your name, how hard is that. why is everyone posting anonymously. No local cohesion in Singapore skate scene. Although this website is making a difference from what I can see.


Anonymous said...

Looks like enjoi sponsorship is maybe through distributor or even manufacturer. Check this out:

Either way she is a pretty good skater. Best girl skater that isn't a pro from states I have seen on skate videos.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how those girls persevere. So admire them, can skate so well. Wish to be like them 1 day, but i lack the perseverance. GARHHH! Just plain lazy =(

Alvin said...

To Glen: Hey thanks, I didnt see the name/url part before, so I just posted as annoymous! Thanks for letting me know :D

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