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Posted by LCS

Rubbish left at Xtreme skatepark (East Coast). I just noticed that this was posted on Stomp in December 2009. And here I was thinking it was a new post. The Ferrari picture below is new though.

Some unlucky fellas Ferrari burst into flames outside SMU last week. 


Wong said...

Hope the driver didn't leave his cellphone in the car. That would really suck.

Arthur said...

Hope the driver didn't leave his laptop, keys to his house, 1000$ suit and skateboard in the car. That would really suck.

Anonymous said...

Burn Baby Burn...Disco Inferno... I'll bring the marshmallows!

Ken said...

The trash at the skatepark is common thing when guests and outsiders picnic in the skatepark.. I guess need more bins or make the bins a brighter color.. hard to change people's attitudes.. some people are just litter bugs..

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