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World Industries Shoes @ Cineleisure

Posted by LCS

World Industries footwear is now available at World of Sports, Cathay Cineleisure.


Ronson Lambert & Anthony Shetler are holding down the World Industries pro team . Ronson has had some amazing parts the last few years: Smoke & Mirrors, Forecast and A Time To Shine

Ronson Lambert's part for Mag-Minute

Anthony Shetler's "Welcome to the Team" video by TWS


Anonymous said...

I remember back in the day when Chris Cole and Chad Fernandez were on the World Insustries team.

So was Carlos de Andrade and Ryan Sheckler..

wassup said...

hey how much does the shoes cost??

Wong said...

wow- I didn't even know world industries made skateboarding footwear. cool!

LCS said...

@wassup: The cheaper pairs start at S$79.00

Jamie said...

Are they only available at Cineleisure?

Franky said...

not too bad designs.. quite ok but maybe more for kids style

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