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Chillin by Dan Foggin

Posted by LCS

I'm not sure why this video is called Chillin. Maybe Dan is Chillin but Gaute and Afi are 'bangin'!


Anonymous said...

Who is Dan? Is he the filmer?

Anonymous said...

nolle flip to noseslide to shuv out? sick

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Dan is the filmer. Btw, it's a nollie kickflip noseslide not a nollie heel!

nice front feeble grind~

caden said...

today i saw gaute and afi at somerset skatepark.

wassssssup said...

hey where are the videos and pictures about the Skate Unity competition? i thought Barry was filming while they skate

Barry said...

I only managed to capture the finals. I'm using a super old video camera now (a 10 year old JVC). There is something wrong with the focus so a lot of the footage captured is blurry and out of focus. Also, I can't export it because the camera sensor/head isn't reading the tape correctly. So don't expect to see anything soon.

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