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DIY Camera Handle

Posted by LCS

A camera handle makes filming a little easier. It allows you to film in a more comfortable and stable manner. You can also hold the camera lower to the ground while filming lines making your footage that much better. Most consumer cameras don't come with a handle. But it's not too difficult to make one.

Here are two handles we made:


The first was made using 2 aluminium book shelf racks fastened together with 4 bolts and nuts. We then used a green water hose to cover the racks making it more comfortable to hold. Then all we needed was a bolt and a rubber washer to attach the handle to the camera tripod mount hole.


The second handle was made using steel, so it's a little heavier but much more durable. We cut and welded the steel to match the shape of our camera. We then drilled a hole for the bolt and painted it black.



charlie said...

can you make me a camera handle? I will e-mail you the measurements and you can reply to me by e-mail. Thankz!!!!

LCS said...

@Charlie: We received your e-mail. We will get the handle finished for you by Sunday.

Tacas said...

black one is cool.

Anonymous said...

i made mine out of wood but it sucks.

transit said...

good job... D.I.Y.!

Anonymous said...

I used one piece of steel in welding class it was thin and flat I bent it into a roundish c shape then reinforced the corner by welding small bits on it then wraped the part u hold in sport grip tape and drilled a hole works like a champ

shaiful said...

do you sell these?

LCS said...

You can have both for $25 if you want them.

Anonymous said...

still have ?

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