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Happy Go Skateboarding Day

Posted by LCS

Azri with a kickflip down the double set at CBD
Photography by Soerfi


Samantha said...

Happy Go Skateboarding Day LION CITY SKATERS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Azri is so good. Anyone get this on video?
His benihana's are huge.

Wong said...

this picture should be on the front cover of a magazine!

WOW said...

amaZZing kickflip, I didn't know he still skated.. haven't seen him around the skateparks in a long time.

hafiz said...

does soerfi still take photos in singapore?

LCS said...

Soerfi doesn't live in Singapore. He comes every so often. We will inform people about his next trip down. He is an amazing photographer.

hafiz said...

yeah balls, went over to his site. can't keep my jaws up!

Riz said...

I remember Azri , he was too into skateboarding lifestyle. His appearance is so cool and trendy like he had afro hair before back to 90'. He funny guys.

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