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Photos of the week

Posted by LCS

Hanafie with a 360 flip at Ang mo kio banks

Dde with an Ollie over the grass gap at Xtreme skatepark (ECP)

Photography courteous of Khaifad


Hanafie Kamsani said...

Ooooooh..... how come i appeared... haha..... Khaifad photos are goooooooood.............

Support Local said...

Thanks Khaifad, pics are wild!
Tricks are wild too.
Well done Hanafie & Dde!!!!!!!
oh... and Doraemon? I don't know what that cartoon character is called?

Anonymous said...

What kind of camera does he use?

Hafiz said...

nikon d200 with on external remote flash
post editing process done with photoshop

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