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NYC Xtreme Cup website now Up

Posted by LCS

The NYC Xtreme Cup website is now up and running. Find out more information about the event and the free shuttle bus service to East Coast skatepark on Sunday 11th July. Click on the image above to be taken to the website.


Anonymous said...

its good that there is a free shuttle service..
east coast skate park is sooo far away..
they really need to improve public access to the skatepark.. getting their is so troublesome.... bus after bus then a long walk.. can we please have some buses that stop right opposite the skatepark.. or make the shuttle bus service permanent please!

Anonymous said...

Any word on the schedule? What time does skateboarding start? thanks

LCS said...

The latest schedule has been posted up. Ignore the old schedule.

Skateboarding starts at 3.30pm. Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

is it runs or jam?

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