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Old Singapore skatepark footage

Posted by LCS

I just stumbled across this video today. It is the Singapore tour section from a video series entitled Liquid Pixel. This clip is from the second episode and features One-t (r.i.p), Jaffa Curtis, Ronnie Roberts and Morgan Campbell. Check out these Australian pro's in action at the old Singapore skatepark opposite Youth Park / National Youth Council where currently the new SCAPE building stands.


Anonymous said...

the skatepark looks cooler than the current one at somerset.

how long ago was this? when did the park close? and why did they close it?

Ray said...

I remember learning smith grinds on the funbox rail, fuck me, that was so long ago-

i can't remember what year it was. sorry. but it was a cool park, just it sloped downhill so you have to push a lot to get speed. but the funbox double rail was perfect for locking on easily to tricks. same as they used to have at bishan skatepark uncle eddie's back way in the old school days..

Hafiz said...

Anyone has photos of the old bishan still?

Anonymous said...

They have some on love skate park but im not sure this is the right skate park

Unknown said...

Freakin ol'skool!

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