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Emerica Stay Gold Premiere

Posted by LCS

Go Sports will  be holding the Emerica Stay Gold Singapore Premiere tomorrow Tuesday, 31 August 2010 at 8pm at *SCAPE.

Emerica Stay Gold Premiere
Date: Tuesday, 31 August 2010
Time: 8pm
Location: Level 1 @ *Scape

How to gain entry: Collect a ticket stub at Go Sports Margaret Drive, OG or *SCAPE. On 31 August, turn up with the ticket stub. Make sure you write your name and I/C or P/P number behind the stub because it will be entered into a lucky draw and you stand to win shoes, decks, t-shirts etc.

There will be a box at the entrance so make sure you put your ticket stub inside to be eligible for the lucky draw! 

Check out the Emerica Stay Gold Teaser below:

Fully looking forward to seeing some new footage from Brandon Westgate. His part in Zoo York's, State of Mind was amazing. Check out his extra's below:

Barry & Brandon Westgate last year, 2009.


Emiricasssssssss said...


Anonymous said...

Andrew's gonna have the best part, Brandon's part will also be cool. they have a big team, with big name skaters!

Anonymous said...

Is the premiere inside the new gossip skateshop? It's gonna be in a room or theater or big screen at scape? anyone know??

LCS said...

The premiere was underneath the Gossip skateshop (inside the basement). We will post some pictures soon.

Anonymous said...

that was awesome! I won a deck!

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