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Youth Olympic Flame

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On Sunday 8th August, 2010 the flame for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games made a brief appearance at East Coast Park where champion skateboarder Muhammad Firdaus threw down some manuals and a frontside 5-0 grind while holding the torch proudly in one hand.

The Youth Olympic Games like Lion City Skaters promotes universal values of friendship, excellence and respect, regardless of race or nationality.

Congratulations Firdaus!


sk8rat said...


Anonymous said...

clean 5-0 grind!

haha keeeek arse boyz11111

Wong said...

is there no contest or comps for skateboarding and YOG? Skateboarding is Youth! More so than basketball cause skateboarding is newer and cooler! sk8r4life

Anonymous said...

thumbs upppppp
well done firdaus
maybe next olympic games, skateboarding will be included.

Hafiz Salleh said...

The question should be - is it a good idea to include skateboarding in the olympics?

sk8rat said...

olympics = more exposure (ww audience) = more money?

with dyrdek's new judging platform. It could become easier to judge skateboarding events (Street course).

long jump and high jump can already be an olmypic event. easy to judge.

street a little harder, what gets more points frontside flip or a backside flip?

but im down for sk8rat olympics hehe

Anonymous said...

Skateboarding has already have its own olympic...
Its call the x-games.
It is an olympic for all extreme sports.
I dun think there be a skateboarding for olympic coz iy is not a TEAM SINGAPORE Sports
Try asking eddy from Go Sports .
He will explain more

Beard-ee said...

Gymastics and snowboarding aint team sports either. they all compete individually against each other.

tandem swimming- where all the athletes have to work together in unison is a team sport. if one messes up, they all get penalized.

and xgames is not comparable to the olympics at all.

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