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Posted by LCS

Skate Montage #1, 
featuring Shaun, Richard, Jacob & José.

10 tricks with Farris, 
featuring Firdaus, Jake, Aaron & Shaun

Filmed and edited by Thomas Bollerup-Lindenborg.


Anonymous said...

Jake's fakie 360 flip switch mannie and firdaus noseblunt fakie were the best

Anonymous said...

Richards Back2back fakie frontside flip and nollie frontside flip were OMFG! both look exact same!

Jacob said...

Sick Stuff Man,
What's up with all the kanye tho? (Not hattin)
Just wondering,

mike said...

i love how the thumbnail for the 1st montage is a toe drag from richard

Anonymous said...

fucking dope videos! Does Thomas film for LCS?

Richard said...

pretty sick toe drag though.

Anonymous said...

yeah, he films for LCS now.

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