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DIY skate obstacles

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DIY (Do It Yourself) Skateboarding Obstacles

Step 1. Find some materials to work with. Check your house and neighborhood for old furniture, pieces of wood and scrap metal.

Step 2. Here is what we found: Piano stand legs, a broken metal table and an old bed.

Step 3. Borrow some tools if you don't have any and start assembling.

Step 4. Drill or nail most of the parts together, some light welding may be required.

Step 5. Finished. Go skate it and film smith grinds on it.


Finished product

Add some cool stickers, sorry we forgot the LCS sticker!

 Bangin" Wax Holder

Article and Video by Andrew Restan


Anonymous said...

WTH! piano legs? thats freaking awesome! nice videoz!

Anonymous said...


Monk said...

Wah andrew!! nice rail and tricks man!!

Anonymous said...


dansuay said...

nice rail andrew.... andrew how you make it stable arh?

Elvis said...

Cool stuff bro.. love your tricks man.. rock on..

Black World

Durga said...

Andrew sehy !! Damn niceee !! Keep up the damn good skills man ! (:

AndrewRestan said...

thanks bros, i welded the stands slightly and screw it on

kukubird said...


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