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Skateboarding Film of the Year, 2008

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In 2008 the Homestar movement teamed up with Boards & Stuff to release a full length Singaporean skateboarding video, Room 4 Improvement.  The video features a a nice mix of local skateboarding talent and includes a friends section.  If you haven't seen it or you forgot how good Room 4 Improvement  is you can NOW watch the entire video online.

Edited and Directed by Hanafie Kamsani
Videographer: Kenneth Teo

Kwailoh's segment from Room 4 Improvement, 2008

Filmed by Kenneth Teo, Hanafie Kamsani, Clarence Chia, and Kwailoh
Sponsor and distributor : Boards & Stuff

Featured Riders:
Hanafie Kamsani (a.k.a Singapore's Daewon Song) 
Alex Lim
Chen Bin
Daniel Lau
Hafiz Kamsani
Marcus Mark Ramos
Mervin Mark Ramos


hwang said...

i have the dvd of this, but it got all scratched, actually i think i lost it haha.

thanks for posting. watching it now again

Anonymous said...

pure awesomeness

sk8rat said...

so many spots i've never skated.. can you guys add some of them to directory please.

simon said...

i never knew about this video, thx

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