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HOT DOGS: Terrorkota CookOut

Posted by LCS

HOT DOGS: Terrorkota Cookout
182b Telok Ayer Street
16th October 2010
2pm - 11pm

Free Hotdogs and skateboarding. There isn't much need to say anything else. Be there!

More info: Converse shoes, BBQ, Fresh T-shirts, Real street skateboarding, and BEER!


alex said...

i might drop by just to check out their shop. don't think i can skate

Anonymous said...

good times, thx terror!

Anonymous said...

why i dont see any updates on the Es Game Of Skate competition organised by Eddie Goh ? first 3 qualifying matches was held yesterday !

Ray said...

We have limited resources. Some people went down to the Terrorkota event to cover it. I was meant to cover the ES event but I wasn't sure what time the battles started.

But this is a community website, anyone and everyone can get their information shared. So we just have to wait for someone to send us in picz or videoz and we will share it.

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