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Old school Hi8 tapes discovered

Posted by LCS

Here are some clips from an old skateboarding video called "ON" filmed at Memo and the old Ferry terminal in Singapore.  There isn't much information available but Anthony Claravall, Stephen Honegger, and Jean-baptiste have parts. This video is around 20 years old and was filmed while these guys were studying at the International School of Kuala Lumpur. Anthony Claravall is still involved in skateboarding today as a well known and respected videographer.


PSSG said...

This is freaking cool....VHS....hehe...

bear said...

woah they sure had fun editing the rolls of film..awsome!!!

Anonymous said...

the spots haven't changed much.. still looks good to skate. i cant imagine how many groups of skaters have come and gone, passed through this historic skate spot.

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