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8Five2 crew at Morrison Hill

Posted by LCS

Dope video of the 8Five2 crew skating at Morrison Hill in Hong Kong. We have been meaning to put up a skatespot and skatepark directory for Hong Kong but we haven't found the time. Hong Kong is a great city for skateboarding and we just found out 2 new skateparks have been built! Shout outs to the 8Five2 guys and Anthony Claravall.

Filmed and Edited by Anthony Claravall

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Anonymous said...

Best skatespot in HK hands down, so many chilled sessions there.

dude said...

sick spot, and such a chill session

Richard said...

this is an example for "mikey floss" of a group of friends rocking up to a spot "on time". they all rolled in within about 20 seconds of one another... impressive.

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