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Selfish Skateboard Demo Singapore

Posted by LCS

If you weren't able to make it down to the Selfish skateboards demo at Xtreme skatepark last weekend here is a short video of what went down.

We hope we can find Jereme's phone! We want Jereme to remember Singapore as a pleasant country not a place of crime.  

jereme rogers aquil brathwaite
Jereme Rogers and Aquil Brathwaite

Jereme switch 360 kickflip

Aquil 360 kickflip 

Jereme Nollie Heelflip 

Switch tail slide

Aquil double kickflip frontside boardslide

Jereme Nose blunt slide

Aquil backside 5-0 grind

Jereme backside K-grind


Jay said...

Oh man i'm really disappointed with the skateboarders in singapore,i use to wonder why the public has a sterotypical image of skateboarders as criminals and trouble makers. But now seeing all the theft that has taken place involving lsp and now even a professional skateboarder who made the effort to come all the way down here has made me loose my faith in skateboarders being accepted by society

Anonymous said...

the demo was amazing... almost everything is first try and the tricks are very difficult.

im so pumped to skate after meeting them and watching them skate.

to the person that took Jereme's phone.. give it back please.. no pro gonna come to sg. bad karma..

give to to LCS or a judge or some mettle people.

thank you jereme and aquil- next time time please come street skating and visit more parks!!

Anonymous said...

wat brand or model?

brixton said...

blackberry with some white headphones if im not wrong.

yehh said...

hardflip was sick as hell...

Anonymous said...


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