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Skateboarders of Brunei

Posted by LCS

Amirrul from Brunei has sent us an e-mail telling us we need to post his video. Skateboarders around Asia need to be aware of each other, we need to concentrate less on the U.S skateboarding scene and focus more on what's going on in our backyards.  Imagine an Asian Berrics competition.

So here is skateboarding in Brunei at Lagoon skatepark, KB.

 You can also visit Amirrul's blog at: 


sk8rat said...

yes!! i would like to know more about the local asian skate scenes. and yes, please organize the asian berrics, sk8rat will support you!

Anonymous said...

i feel lucky to live in singapore after seeing that skatepark. i know singapore has lots of badly designed parks also.. but hey!

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