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Photo Shoot on Sunday

Posted by LCS

We will be having a photo-shoot and skate session this Sunday 5th December 2010. All skaters with LCS decks are welcome and encouraged to join. E-mail us at for information on the location and time.

Currently Available at: 
Roller Plus (30 Woodland Ave 1, #01-08 The Woodgrove)


Josh said...

hey guys i need a new deck. can i grab one of u guys on snday?

LCS said...

Sure, no problem! Can you send us an e-mail and we will let you know where we are all meeting.

Anonymous said...

hi barry, for the LCS deck hows the concave from your eyes and feeling ?
is it good ?

Barry said...

I like decks with a really high concave. But most people like a medium or more mellow concave, like Girl & Chocolate skateboards. So we designed the deck with this in mind.

Funnily enough I got my backside kickflips back with this deck. I haven't been able to do this trick for about a year and a half. So I'm really impressed with it.

We also spent a lot of time testing different grips. We didn't want to design a great deck and combine it with lousy griptape.

For the griptape we have combined jessup with mob griptape. So, you get no air bubbles and a nice flick as soon as it's applied.

I couldn't be happier with this deck. The graphic is the icing on the cake. I didn't do any board slides for a week because I didn't want to mess up the graphic.

dude said...

Hey Barry how much do the decks cost? And whats the shape of the deck like? Cos I like decks with big noses and a medium tail, kinda like aws, and the mellow concave is okay too, so whats the shape like?

LCS said...


The deck costs $75 and comes in one size, width 8.0

If you want to check out the shape I will be at somerset today around 3pm, you can try out my board.

Or, you can check it out at the skate stores listed above.

There is a little more info posted here in the comments also:

Happy skating everyone. Let's hope the ground drys quickly today!

dude said...

hey thanks man, nah I couldnt make it, its okay, I will check it out at the stores, yeah size 8 ftw

nozomi said...

hey barry
will u be at smrst today?

Barry said...

No, Sorry. Nozomi.

mike said...

fun day

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