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Rail Basics with Yogi

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Yogi is one of Bali's top Indonesian skateboarders. He is sponsored by Etnies (Indonesia), Cult, Skullcandy and  Motion Skatepark and this is where the video below was filmed at, Rail basics with Yogi.

Filmed and edited by Prundy

If anyone is going to Bali, Indonesia this Christmas be sure to drop by Motion Skateshop and Motion Skatepark

Motion Skateshop (please note Motion Skatepark address below)
Jalan Legian, 
No. 155 Kuta, 
Bali, Indonesia 

Tel: (62) 361 - 754918 
SMS: (62) 361 - 8553608 


Motion Skatepark
Jalan Cafe legong 420
Sunset road
Bali, Indonesia


sinful said...

ive been here the park is sick nice skateshop to

Anonymous said...

clean clean style

randy said...

he makes it look so easy.. v good rail skills!

Anonymous said...

salute yogi =)

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