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El Jefe by NQMN

Posted by LCS

El Jefe now showing at Cinema's across Singapore.

A message from NQMN:
First of all, many thanks to Muhammad Syakir for lending me his talent! It has been an awesome filming ride. I'm speaking now straight to local skateboarding crews and brands, I am down for some serious skateboarding filming! I am keen to shoot more local skating so hit me up! Drop me a comment here or message me on my FB!

Lastly, comments are very much welcomed! May it be good or bad, I don't mind.

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darryl said...

sick editing, filming and skating man! keep it up!

terencexplosion said...

power la syakir!! jurong represent!!

Anonymous said...

really cool video, the editing and filming definitely made this short movie one of the best i've ever seen coming from singapore. (there's just been so much crap coming out lately...) anyways, great job! can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

ps: that backside flip was totally stellar and where is that concrete skate park?(the blue one not ecp)

LCS said...

@Anonymous: the blue skatepark is in our skatepark directory.

wassup21 said...

Hmmm we be waiting all this time for a 4 minute vid or there will be more videos?

opencloset said...

quality over quantity.
this is the best skateboard filming i have seen come out of singpaore. i think.. anyone got any other well edited videos to watch?
i would have also liked to see more. i thought it was going to be a full video with a few skaters.. sure sounded like a lot of drama for a one person part.. but again the video editing was ON.

nuqman said...

darryl; thanks man! I presume you're from kwailoh? can't wait to see what you guys come up with! in the meantime if you guys are keen on an edit hit me up!

anonymous; those are some high praises man! thank you very much. keep an eye out for more.

wassup21 & opencloset; sorry if you guys were expecting more than that. but it was always meant as a one person video. I'm trynna push this video out to as many people as i can! hopefully i'll be able to shoot a whole crew the next time. and once again, thanks for the compliments opencloset!

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