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Terrorkota Presents 'Quite-quite taro'

Posted by LCS

Directed and Edited by Hafiz

Terrorkota presents their latest project titled the "Quiet-quiet Taro" project.  Filmed over 2 separate occassions, both seemingly 'unplanned' and 'spontaneous' to the invited Terrorkota riders and their friends. Features Jason Sorg, Fauzan, Amran and some of the local boys. (In conjunction with Limited Edition and Nike SB)

Check our Terrorkota for more photos and videos.


Anonymous said...

syed 360 kikflip 5050 was nice for me

Anonymous said...

jim is the only one making noise.

sts said...

wats the title signify? quiet taro??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice one..

Anonymous said...

i heard Cyrus at 2:08. i say the future is ours if you can count!

Anonymous said...

Hey where is the street spot for 3:25

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