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Posted by LCS

Here is a pretty rad, awesome, funky, bizzare local video featuring Benton Ching, James Gray, and Dale Low. Filmed over a period of a month these skaters skate anything and everything. When I first started watching this video I thought I was watching an old Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee movie. I think these guys have some genuine F.U.N when they skate.

Filmed by the above skaters with help from Brian Don.


G said...

dude..aren't you guys the ones i met at sengkang?? i was going longboarding..

Rose Budd said...

mind blasting

Anonymous said...

super video. probably best ive seen in long time. part 2?

james gray said...

yeah....haha we are the guys you met at sengkang
If you guys enjoyed that vid, just go to facebook, find benton ching/ james gray and see the other vids.
My personal fave is the brotage....iz da shizz

paiz said...

where is the C rail at?

Anonymous said...

somewhere in kovan

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