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Go Sports Redhill

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Block 75D
Redhill Road
Singapore, 154075
Tel: 64753922

Operating hours:
Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm

Directions to Go Sports Redhill


Anonymous said...

Severin said...

do you have allen key for grind king trucks? :D

wong said...

just buy an allen key from a hardware store or daiso. unless u just trying to borrow it, then all the local sk8 stores should have one u can use. buy sticker to be nice.

Anonymous said...

i was wondering where gossip moved to! passed by the other day at margaret drive.. surprised they moved alreaddy.

Anonymous said...

They have a PlanB deck downthere?

Unknown said...

do they have scooters there?

Anonymous said...

do they sell 22" penny boards?

Unknown said...

i went to redhill block 75D i was surprise the shop was gone so i went to queentown shooping center to buy my skateboard

Unknown said...

If I bring my skateboard, would you help me fix the wheels on it?

Anonymous said...

are there quad roller skates selling there ?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, do you sell JUG XL Backpack. Thank you

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