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Nothing is Impossible

Posted by LCS

This video really touched us so we had to share it with everyone. We can't get over how amazing Italo Romano is on a skateboard.

If you have been in the skate game more than 5 years then you might remember 411 Video Magazine did a feature on Og De Souza, another skateboarder with no legs.

Italo Romano has an amazing style and a great attitude to life. He makes his tricks look easy and effortless.

Source: Sukeats

If you want to learn more about Italo Romano check out his interview here. He talks about how he got run over by a train at age 11 and how he constantly has to fight with dogs that try to attack him while rolling down streets. He has also been invited to the X-games and is good friends with Og De Souza. Italo Romano is an inspiration to all of us! 


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