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NYC Skate Park Singapore

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Some people have been asking for photographs of the old NYC skatepark that used to be located outside the National Youth Council building and across the road from Cineleisure in Orchard.

These photographs are scans from an article in an issue of Revolution Skateboarding Magazine (Malaysia). They were taken in October 2000 during the Asian X Tour which was a qualifying event for the Asian X Games and the Disney Channel ESPN Junior X Games. The Asian X Tour is no longer running and only ran for 3 years with events in Bangkok, Taipei and Singapore.

This used to be Singapore's main skate park and was built on a slope. This meant you had to push really fast and hard to get enough speed to hit up some of the obstacles.

As you can see the ground was also painted by the National Youth Council and then later again by Nike for promotional purposes.

The ground had a rough texture finish which meant it would eat away at the tail of your deck. Bailing and landing on your palms was also no fun.
Faizal Boy with a frontside smith grind during the Asian X Tour, 2002. Faizal ended up winning the competition. I remember him throwing down some mean frontside flips on the bank.

Taufik with an insanely tweaked melon grab

Ali getting some air time with an Indy grab

 Mantoyol with a melon grab to fakie on the quarter pipe

I don't know this skater too well. But I remember he showed up and was killing it. The caption states his name is Faizal (Abeng). Anyone know if this guy is still skating?

Farris with a transfer ollie off the bank onto the quarter pipe. And yes, the skateboard is bigger than he is.

The NYC skatepark was demolished many years back and a new skatepark was built at Somerset. The new *SCAPE building now stands where the NYC skatepark used to be.

If anyone has any photographs of the Singapore skateboarding scene or from past events please send them to us at


dennis said...

good ol' days right there!

Anonymous said...

thats john and justice!

Anonymous said...

the funbox looks really good to skate.. nice design..

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