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Singapore in Asia X-Games 2011

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Singapore boys make mark in Shanghai - (Qualifiers)

Brothers Muhammad Feroze and Farris Bin Abdul Rahman pulled off a one-two at the Skateboard Street XGA Qualifiers in Shanghai.

It was an afternoon of thrilling stuff, but clearly, Feroze was head and shoulders above the rest. Scoring 87.00, the 20-year-old beat second-placed Tomas Vintr by a margin of over five points, as the Czech scored 81.67 in the KIA X Games Asia qualifying event.

The Singaporean was grinning from ear-to-ear after the win, and was pleased at how his last trick during his last run went.

"It was probably my last trick with a kick-flip backtail that did it", Feroze said.

On the other hand, younger sibling Farris, who placed third overall with 81.33 points, felt that his own overall fluidity made the difference.

"Overall, all my tricks looked far more fluid than some of the competition, who tried big tricks but couldn't follow up after", the 16-year-old said.

Vintr will be rueing his luck at failing to nab the top spot, and his performance was lauded by fellow boarder Alexander Kandaurov, who placed 11th with 68.33 points.

The boyish Russian said: "Tomas (Vintr) absolutely killed it!"

Kandaurov was far more modest with his performance, saying: " I could have done a lot better. All the skaters were really pushing each other today."

But it was all about the fun of the moment, he added, saying: " But it's ok. It's always fun here (in Shanghai) and that's what matters."

Milton Martinez certainly looked like a man on a mission in the Jiangwan Stadium, and was rewarded with fourth placing after scoring 80.00, while Tulio de Oliveira and Tetsuharu Sai scored 76.67 and 75.67 respectively to nab the last two qualifying spots.

There will be precious little time for the qualifying six to savour their victory though, as X Games legends Tyler Hendley, Austen Seaholm, Rodolfo Ramos and Jurgen Horrwarth will be awaiting them in the SKB Street Finals, so expect fireworks on Saturday at the Jiangwan Stadium!

Source: ESPNstar


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