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Andrew Pott Mag Minute

Posted by LCS

If you want to learn hard flips just watch Andrew Pott's Mag Minute a few times. Easy as 123.

The first person to send us a video clip of a hardflip (cellphone quality OK!) WINS A STACK OF STICKERS. Upload to youtube and then leave the link in the comments below.



Angelo said...

LCS said...

Hey Angelo, we already spoke to Rawie (the Singapore Hard Flip Ambassador) and informed him that the video needs to be recent. So go film it again and the stickers are yours!!

jimmy carlin said...

I do 'em better

Anonymous said...

win much ?lol


LCS said...

Pretty sure that's not you in those videos Hairil. To win, it has to be you landing a hardflip.

Joash said...

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