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Summer Time in Lion City

Posted by LCS

June is looking like it's going to be one of the best months of Summer. We have two amazing local skateboarding videos being released Terrorkota's 'The Conquest' and Homestar's 'Chill Ah Bro!'

Both of these videos have been in the works for years, feature top local talent and are going to be completely insane! We are very proud and excited to be involved with both Terrorkota and Homestar.

Mark these dates in your iPhone or Android calendars NOW!

JUNE 21st - Terrorkota presents 'The Conquest' 
Skateboarding Film Extravaganza
Date: Tuesday 21st June 2011
Venue: Home Club
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Product Toss
Free entry

JULY 3rd  - Homestar presents 'Chill Ah Bro!'
Skateboarding Film Extravaganza
Date: Sunday 3rd July 2011
Venue: *SCAPE
Time: 4pm - 5.30pm
Product Toss
Free Goodie bag for first 50 people
Free entry

If you skate, you need to be at both these premiere's. No excuses.
Both videos will NOT be put online so be there or miss out!

Make sure you join the 'Chill Ah Bro!' Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

where is home club

LCS said...

Around Boat Quay,Singapore&cid=0,0,18203406087640686084&ei=8QXtTcmKHo7yrQfB-5niBQ&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=2&ved=0CCkQnwIwAQ

harri said...

how old do u have to be

LCS said...

Usually there is an age restriction to get into home club as they serve alcohol.

However, for this event all ages are welcome.

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