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Chill Ah Bro Premiere recap

Posted by LCS

The Chill Ah Bro skateboarding premiere went down on Sunday at *SCAPE warehouse. Skateboarding can be stressful at times, learning a new trick, losing an old trick, watching out for 5-0, filming lines, jumping down stairs, sacking on rails, and getting injured so the title of this skateboarding film makes complete sense. We all need to chill and remember to have fun while we skate. A lot of time and effort went into Chill Ah Bro and it shows!

Photos by Shannon Lim

Homestar and Terrorkota's independent skateboarding films have proven that Singapore has some amazing talent and that our local scene alive and well. Our hat (LCS crown) comes off to both Homestar and Terrorkota for pushing the local scene to new heights. Both "Chill Ah Bro" and "The Conquest" are going to be talked about for years to come. Skateboarding is here Singapore!!!


Anonymous said...

i wonder if there's another screening of this video will there be anyone interested?

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