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The LCS guide to getting sponsored

Posted by LCS

We receive tons of e-mails asking about sponsorship and how to get sponsored. So lets spend 5 minutes running down a list of some of the things you need to know.

Sponsorship costs companies money! Decks, shoes, t-shirts cost money to manufacture!

So the question becomes why should a company give you free products (money)!

Typical skater answer - OMG I love your brand so much!

This isn't really going to cut it.

Loving the brand isn't going to do much for the company.

Having good knowledge of the brand, products, history, design, features, is a must but it still isn't doing much.

What companies want to hear is how YOU are going to SELL their products / brand!!

You have to think of your self as a salesperson. How can you increase sales?

What can you do to create hype and interest in the brand?

What can you do to help promote the brand?

This all the company cares about!

Tom Penny used to be one of the top skatebaorders in the world.

Then he quit skateboarding but companies still wanted him on their team because he could generate sales!

Even after he came back into the skate scene it was clear his skills were not up to the current standard but this didn't matter because he had created an image for himself that sells!

Don't try and get sponsored by Zero skateboards if your image doesn't fit with the company.

Figure out the image of the company you want to ride for and emulate that style in your clothing, skating, and attitude.

These days being an amazing skateboarder isn't enough.

You have to be doing things on a daily or weekly basis that helps sell products and builds the brand image.

So how ah?

Youtube! Facebook!

Start making skate videos with all your friends. Wear the brand in the video!

Don't send your video to Zero skateboards when you are using an Enjoi deck!

Show them you are already supporting the brand and you are killing it in the sk8 game.

Make your video stand out, make it funny and interesting.

The most important thing is to make sure your character comes off in the video.

Too often sponsor me videos are trick after trick with no dialogue, attitude, or reflection of the skater as a person.

Promote the brand through your Facebook wall!

If you are trying to get noticed by Delifrance then hyperlink them up in your facebook profile and info page!

Post about how tasty their baguettes are!

Take photos and do mini reviews of the products the brand sells.

These days everyone goes online and searches for a review before they buy something so start reviewing your skate gear!

Start a blog or website that shows you are 100% down for skateboarding. Get as many people to follow and read your blog as possible.

If you only have 1 friend on Facebook make more friends!

Be super nice to everyone! Why? Because you want them to buy the brand or product you are sponsored by.

Remember you are a salesperson! No one is going to buy something from you if you are rude to them!

Not all the skateshops in Singapore sponsor skaters. If sales are already good, they might not see a need to flow a rider with the brands they sell.

If you have sent your videos and photos to skateshops or local brands and you haven't received a reply then it probably means you aren't good enough yet.

Try again when you have improved and learnt new tricks.

Don't film your entire part at the skatepark. This is boring!

Do join competitions!

Do win competitions!

Stand out!

Get around! Don't stick to one crew or skate click.

Ok 5 minutes is up.

Remember you are only valuable to a brand or company if you can generate sales. It's a business!

Lastly, forget all this bullshit and just skate for fun!!

Skateboarding is about making yourself happy, doing something for yourself and not caring about what other people say or think.

Skate for yourself!!

Feel free to leave your comments on the issue of sponsorship and the local skateboarding scene here in Singapore.


Anonymous said...


PSSG said...

well said.

Hanafie Kamsani said...

Its either that or you are good at being taken advantage of...

muhammad haikal said...

is it possible if u are a singaporean and you want a sponsership from girl skateboards company?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Cos you spell sponsorship wrong.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha sponsership wtf?!

LCS said...

@muhammad haikal, Sure, why not? In ideal world sponsorship had nothing to do with race or ethnicity In the end, it comes down to how good you are on a skateboard. If you skate hard enough, your dreams might come true.

Anonymous said...

which skateshop sponsor skaters??i want lcs answer pls..

Anonymous said...

miz 29 sponsor ppl.....i tink,i dunno....

Anonymous said...

Sponsoring people not only generate your sales but also its advertising your brand. Its your own exposure. So pls stop this crap!!

Anonymous said...

Dude. You used the Condescending Wonka meme wrongly.

Anonymous said...

good points.. reminds me of a video i saw about ed templeton. he said the exact same stuff.. as soon as his decks and shoes stopped selling in skateshops.. the brands kicked him off their teams cause he was not making them money..

Sacramento said...

agree with everything 100 percent. its about hyping up the brand image which in turn hopefully increases visibility and sales. too many bitches think they should get sponsored for nothing. sponsorship is a job! "whoever" wrote- please stop this crap above doesnt know shit about the real world of skateboarding. Sacramento Skater here since the 70's!

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