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If we are trying to be deep and meaningful:

It's a Family Thing was shot over a period of 4 months and looks at Somerset skate park as a social space for youth to gather, socialize and of course skateboard. The videos objective is to capture raw skateboarding, without any bullshit. No matter your skill level, age, race or religion we can all have fun through skateboarding.

If we are aren't trying to be meaningful:
It's a Family Thing is a full length skateboarding video full of colorful characters. Watch it!


Anonymous said...

Awesome...well done. I really enjoy watching it.

Anonymous said...

that manual 360 shuv off? is it frontside or backside shuv?

Your Mum said...

is shuv it not 360 shuv dumb

Anonymous said...

really loved this!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

where's that playground with the tiled benches located?

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