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Longboarding with Sk8 Tricks

Posted by fleas

Original Longboarders showing that you don't need a tail to get some air and do some flips.


krej said...

fair enough, however maybe spare a thought that they might be actual skateboarders that 'converted' to longboard for downhill/cruising and decided to try some insane stuff on longboarding thus, making this video. btw, i believe its quite hard to do these on longboards :)

Anonymous said...

i agree with jerk- only longboarders that converted either sucked at skateboarding in the first place- and gave up for this easy shit long board sport or are too old and need a safer sport where they dont break an arm or ankle and cant go to work the next day.

just my thoughts- the prices for long board gear is ridiculous- buy a normal deck and add bigger wheels if u want to go fast... but who wants to go fast when u can just land a kickflip or ollie and get a greater feeling than when bombing a hill.

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