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Torey Pudwill for Primitive X DVS

Posted by LCS

This video shows off a side of Torey Pudwill we haven't seen before,  Pot Head Torey. He seems super into weed which is infused into his shoe collaboration design. What do you guys think about this collab with Primitive and this "new" side of Torey.


Anonymous said...

he sounds stoned in this video. and he looks like he doesnt own a comb.

Anonymous said...

where is the result of the element board?

620 said...

drugs, sex, rock & roll sell products- those shoes are gonna sell out just cause they have a marijuana printed on the shoe laces..

never really saw dvs as the kind of brand that would support marijuana. but i guess that is what collaborations are for- to do different things with different people.


Anonymous said...

He not just sounds stoned - he looks stoned. look at his eyebags lol

Anonymous said...

one of e best skateboarder right now- love him

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