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Cody Kai 2012

Posted by LCS

Cody has just released yet another video! Check it!


codykai said...

thks to all ma homies for helpin me..
witout u guys it wil nt happen..
thks to hambali eimi paul santosn lots mor..
hope to make a new video sn(-@

Anonymous said...

The quality of the video is like pathetic.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Star'ShawTy said...

I noe ur hot,ur dope. U got good skills n tried very hard n evry effort to make good vids. Ur a good skater...accept all comments n critics wif open hearts. Do not let others bring u down. Critics let u noe n learn how to make tings werk. All e best Cody. =)

Anonymous said...

It was Mindblow. Already pro skater I have seen him at skatepark and street . Something he got some good swag on him.

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