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Introducing Heyday

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Press Release:

Heyday is Streetwear Clothing, targeting skateboarders/longboarders and musicians. 

Heyday Streetwear is from Singapore and just launched not too long ago in December 2011 at Rock The World in Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur where the band, Pesawat, kick start their official launch. Manufactured in the same factory where Billabong, Ripcurl and all other major brands are, ensuring that quality is top priority.

It is not just a T-shirt, a Jacket or a Tank Top that HEYDAY offers... with every purchase that leaves the HEYDAY Factory is ensured with warmth and comfort, also an image that uplifts your social life. 
We believe that "You are what you wear" and you have the power to start the trend! 

At HEYDAY, we believe that no one is small enough to make a difference. Make that difference with us!

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