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Vans Bowl-A-Rama

Posted by LCS

The Vans Bowl-A-Rama BONDI beach skateboarding competition is kicking off in less than 20 hours time so make sure you tune into the LIVE WEBCAST HERE to watch some amazing skateboarding live from Sydney, Australia.

We have tons of product to give away but only if you tune in and watch the contest. We will be asking questions related to the LIVE WEBCAST so make sure you tune in for a chance to win fantastic prizes from Vans, Independent trucks, and Santa Cruz. (Girls we have you covered also with Bowl-A-Rama tank tops!

Remember Sydney is 3 hours ahead of Singapore so sit back relax and watch the Vans Bowl-A-Ram!


Anonymous said...

i think it started..

Anonymous said...

when we watch alrd , what to do ?

Anonymous said...

the contest was cool. i woke up really early becoz i couldnt sleep. thx for the free tshirt and socks im going to collect it today from u guys!

Anonymous said...

thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for the free gear!


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