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Posted by LCS

Our LIONCITY skateboard decks are now available. You can purchase them at Gossip and Spitfire. More skateshops will be carrying them shortly and you can also get them direct from us through facebook or e-mail. They cost $69 and come with grip tape.


LCS said...

You can also get the decks from

Arthur Caraccio said...

Can I order one? Would you guys ship it to me?

richard said...


farhan said...

hey i wondering that i wanted to have LCS deck,what is the price usually?

LCS said...

Hi Farhan: They cost $69 and come with grip tape.

You can get it direct from us or from Spitfire and Gossip skatehops.

Sheckler said...

how can i get ?

LCS said...

Boads N Stuff
Stuv / OOTB

Anonymous said...

are they still available? where can i buy it?

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