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Stuv Skateshop ONLINE contest

Posted by LCS

Stuv skateshop is a new ONLINE shop run by some old school skateboarders. To celebrate their opening they have decided to give away a FREE Hella skateboards deck! All you have to do is LIKE them on Facebook and upload a photo of you doing a kickflip.

How to Enter:
1. Post a pic of YOU doing a Kickflip either over something - down stairs, gap or even on flatland!
2. Get your friends to 'LIKE' our page and 'LIKE' your photo.
3. By Mar 31st photo with the most 'LIKES' wins!!!!
4. Remember the person in the photo has to be YOU!!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have to land the kickflip or is it ok I dont land it

kristie said...

What if I can't do kickflip but varial?

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