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Darryl Michael Seah

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Darryl Michael Seah's BNS Promo

By Chong Wah


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

editing terrible , just keep it clean and simple

Anonymous said...

doing this kind of editing(a lot of visual effects)will either make it awesome or 'terrible' thus you will have 2 groups either hating or loving it.

Its still good to me though

Anonymous said...

to much editing . not good . as we cant see much of the skateboarding . if this were a trailer instead of a part , it will be sick . but this is a skate video . must be awesome , not lame shit like this . im sorry .

Timo said...

Nice vid, but way overloaded with editing, all those never ending flashes give me a headache. Next time less editing more skating :D

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